2015 Programme

Friday 28/08/2015

21:30 - Manesis/Gyftakis/Gouliaris Trio

Manesis, Gyftakis and Gouliaris met in 2012; the chemistry between them was obvious right from the start and grew stronger through their live performances at venues in Athens. The perpetual interplay and a top-notch music level make for strong and surprising story-telling elements. It is a modern trio with many influences of the great kind (B. K. Jarrett, Mehldau, P. Bley, B. Evans) and a clear reference to the tradition of jazz playing. Their repertoire includes original compositions and standards used as a starting point to explore different musical spaces. Recently, the Manesis/Gyftakis/Gouliaris Trio was awarded the First Prize in the 1st Greek Jazz contest, the Apollon Jazz Competition Greece.

23:00 - Maria Manousaki Quartet ft Tigran Sargsyan

The Greek South African violinist Maria Manousaki is an international artist, active in the Jazz and World Music scene.

Born in South Africa, grown up in Greece and currently living and performing in New York City, Maria has recently formed her own ensemble and recorded her album which was out οn June 2015 with renowned musicians Shai Maestro on piano, Petros Klampanis on double bass, John Hadfield on drums, Tamer Pinarbassi on kanun and Mavrothi Kontanis on oud, performing her original music inspired by her Cretan roots and her love for Jazz.

Maria graduated from Berklee College of Music and has been performing worldwide ever since. She has appeared in many prestigious events around the world, and has performed in auspicious venues including the Perth Concert Hall in Australia, New York Lincoln Centre, the Frank Sinatra School of The Arts in New York the MoMA museum of modern arts, the Athens Concert Hall and Zappio Megaro in Greece, the closing ceremony for the Mediterranean Olympic Games in Pescara Italy, the Dubai International Film Festival, the Royal wedding in Doha Qatar, for the princess of Morocco, among others.

Saturday 29/08/2015

21:30 - Yiotis Samaras Trio feat. George Kontrafouris

Yiotis Samaras, or one of the best jazz guitar players of the Greek jazz scene. Having performed with top musicians in and outside the Greek borders and having taught hundreds of guitar players who currently have a career in Greece or abroad, Yiotis Samaras has literally shaped the Greek jazz scene and discography over the past 30 years.

His trio delivers the jazz tradition, with touches of electric sounds, adding modern aesthetics to yesterday’s sounds.

Sunday 30/08/2015

21:00 - Singularity Project

Singularity is a term used in astrophysics to describe the point inside a black hole where the ordinary laws of physics cease to apply. Accordingly the project's five musicians encountered to create something substantial, free from any superfluous matter. Their repertoire includes original compositions written and arranged by Vangelis Stefanopoulos for this project. The project features a variety of styles including modern jazz, fusion, rock and Afro-Cuban sounds.

23:00 - Lefteris Christofis Group

The Lefteris Christofis Group is an amazing world music & new jazz quartet that evokes a truly "timbral pandemonium". Musical stories from Lefteris Christofis' new album will be presented live with the dynamic collaboration of these four virtuosos musicians. The vibraphone melody from the great Jacques Marugg, the craftsmanship bassist approach of Dimitris Moutafis, the personal rhythmic aspect of Nikos Touliatos are combined in full harmony with the jazz guitar Grecian style of Lefteris Christofis.The compositional point of view of Lefteris Christofis adds a new musical perspective beyond the borders of jazz and fusion. Joe Ferrari in Jazz Improv writes: "the Greek lyrical guitarist Lefteris Christofis is the kind of an artist who through his music transfers internal images, visions and scenes from the realm of reality and fantasy. …upon further listening I began to hear Mr. Christofis unique voice. He writes wonderful compositions, evocative of a deep emotional landscape". The distinguished guitarist Lefteris Christofis is classified by the Benedetto Guitars as " clearly a top (and still rising) player and educator in Europe" and his latest album "Nous Icons" has been released by the legendary Blue Note Records.

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