YFG - Yiorgos Fakanas Group


The YFG is a jazz fusion band formed by bassist-composer and arranger George Fakanas in 1991. The band has played in numerous concerts in Greece and abroad since then. For the last three years the group has been working and performing with leading musicians such as Dave Weckl, Mike Stern, Anthony Jackson, Frank Gambale, Dennis Chambers, Bireli Lagrene, Alex Acuna, Mitch Forman, Tony Lakatos, Eric Marienthal, Greg Howe, Horacio El Negro, Scott Kinsey, Brett Garsed, Bob Franceschini, etc. At the same time, major international music magazines published reviews on Fakanas discography and classified him as one of the most creative and the best bass players and composers of contemporary music (American Bass Player-December issue of 2008, Bass musician magazine, Modern Drummer, Bass guitar magazine, Rhythm, etc.).

At Tinos Jazz, YFG will present compositions from the 5 albums: "ECHOES (2005)," DOMINO (2006), "INTERSPIRIT" (2009), "MAESTRO" (2010) and "ACROBAT" ( 2012).

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