2019 Programme


21:30, Tania Giannouli Trio

  • Tania Giannouli: piano
  • Andreas Polyzogopoulos: trumpet 
  • Kyriakos Tapakis: oud

    The rising composer and pianist Tania Giannouli along with two acclaimed Greek musicians – Andreas Polyzogopoulos (trumpet) and Kyriakos Tapakis (oud) – form a unique trio that will highlight the eccentricity of a different kind of instrumentation, blurring the boundaries between East and West. Hot on the heels of its sold-out performance at the Jazzfest Berlin in November 2018, the band continued with a concert at Stavros Niarchos Foundation and a performance in Jazz ahead in Bremen. The German magazine JAZZTHETIC included the band’s concert in Berlin in its list for the “best concerts of 2018” and reviews have been written by the US magazine Downbeat, the German magazine Pianiste and the Greek magazine Avopolis. Spanning a remarkable range of styles, Tania Giannouli’s music is hard to tag, as it is inspired by many different traditions. What we do know, however, is that her music “invites the listener to dream of eternity.” (Jazzspace)


21:30, Vasilis Rakopoulos QuartetAegean jazz


  • Vasilis Rakopoulos, guitar

Andreas Polizogopoulos, trumpet

Giorgos Kontrafouris, piano and keyboard

  • Vasilis Podaras, drums 

The band has a special evening in store, with music idioms inspired by the greater area of the Aegean and musical developments embedded in contemporary jazz music currents. The idea of Aegean Jazz project was born in November 2010, echoing the success of Markus Stockhausen’ and Vasilis Rakopoulos’ concerts in the context of Goethe Institutand University of Macedonia events. In the following years, the project toured mostly the Cycladic islands in the summer. In 2019, the Aegean Jazz project will include three exquisite musicians that accompany V. Rakopoulos in playing his guitar: Andreas Polyzogopoulos that will play the trumpet, Giorgos Kontrafouris at the piano & synthesizer and Vassilis Podaras playing drums. It’s not just the original compositions that display and project the simplicity of the Aegean Culture, but also the way it is approached and performed, looking for an upward sound, a sound akin to the light of the Cyclades.


21:30, Pibloctoq

  • Yiorgos Bereris, piano 

  • Lampros Papanikolaou, double bass 

  • Giannis Papadoulis, drums


Pibloctoq is a form of expression made by three young musicians with common experiences, connected by creativity, exploring music through their original compositions. Sounds and improvisation that bring to mind European jazz, Mediterranean sounds, free forms, but also fiery moments that can grip the audience. They have been collaborating for the past 8 years since their early steps in the Jazz Department of the Ionian University. Now graduates, they have been living and performing at the music scene of Athens where, despite their young age, they have made a great impact collaborating with great jazz musicians.

23:00, Brothers from another mother

  • Philippos Pappas, tenor saxophone 

  • Panagiotis Kapampelis, guitar 

  • Raphael Meleteas, piano 

  • Periklis Trivolis, bass 

  • Spyros Panagiotopoulos, drums


B.F.A.M. (Brothers From Another Mother) were founded by drummer Spyros Panagiotopoulos. The group also consists of Philip Pappas (tenor saxophone), Panagiotis Kapsampelis (guitar), Raphael Meleteas (piano) and Periklis Trivolis (bass). They will present their own compositions, as well as pieces ofthe'50s and '60s, adapted both to tradition and to the vision for the future of mainstream jazz.

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