Jean-Michel Pilc / Petros Klampanis Duet

Saturday, 31 August, 2013 - 21:30

Jean-Michel Pilc (piano), Petros Klampanis Duet (bass)

The pianist Jean-Michel Pilc & Ν.Υ. based Greek bassist Petros Klampanis present original compositions and imaginative arrangements of well known songs. Jean-Michel Pilc creates a huge variety of sounds and evokes intimate emotions, through his sophisticated improvisations on the piano, while Petros Klampanis takes full advantage of the expressive potential of his bass, which he often uses as a percussion instrument or samples through a loop pedal.

  • Jean Michel Pilc
  • JM Pilc - P. Klampanis
  • P. Klampanis

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