Leonidas Sarantopoulos Quartet «Black Mamba»

Saturday, 31 August, 2013 - 23:00

Leonidas Sarantopoulos (flute), Thodoris Kotsifas (guitar), Costis Christodoulou (keyboards), Vassilis Podaras (drums).

The flautist and composer Leonidas Sarantopoulos studied at the jazz department of the Ionian University. It was there that he met the other members of the quartet. The four musicians are actively involved in the Athens jazz scene playing in numerous bands of established musicians. They play original compositions mainly from the album “Black Mamba” (2012). Using jazz as a starting point, these compositions expand on the diverse musical traditions of Greece and the wider area of the Eastern Mediterranean.

  • Costis Christodoulou
  • Leonidas Sarantopoulos...
  • Leonidas Sarantopoulos
  • Leonidas Sarantopoulos...
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