Manos Theodosakis Sextet feat. Miranda Verouli “Tribute to Cole Porter”

Friday, 30 August, 2013 - 21:30

Miranda Verouli (vocals), Manos Theodosakis (trumpet/arrangements), Antonis Andreou (trombone), Dimitris Tsakas (alto saxophone), Costis Christodoulou (piano), Yiorgos Georgiadis (double bass), Alex Drakos Ktistakis (drums).

Witty, sophisticated, ebullient, passionate: these are the qualities of genius Broadway and Hollywood composer Cole Porter that color its songs and give the tone to the all fresh jazz arrangements of trumpetist, arranger, and band leader Manos Theodosakis. Complex arrangements that are rendered with virtuosity by the top Greek jazzmen of the band Crazy People Music and Miranda Verouli on vocals.

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