Saturday 24/8
@ 21:30 Tania Giannouli Trio

Sunday 25/8
@ 21:30 Vasilis Rakopoulos Quartet: Aegean jazz

Monday 26/8
@ 21:30 Pibloctoq
@ 23:00 Brothers From Another Mother



  • Leonidas Sarantopoulos Quartet
  • Manos Theodosakis Sextet feat....
  • Swinging Jazz Athenaeum
  • M. Theodosakis - D. Tsakas - A...
  • test
  • Manos Theodosakis Sextet feat....
  • Ilan Solomon
  • Manos Theodosakis
  • Alekos Vretos Quintet
  • Alekos Vretos

Jazz on Tinos 2019

Jazz on Tinos 2019



11th Jazz on Tinos Festival running at the Cultural Foundation of Tinos
24-26 / 8/ 2019

Jazz music will once again fill Tinos’ summer nights in August with unique sounds performed by internationally renowned bands. The 11th Jazz on Tinos Festival will be running at the Cultural Foundation of Tinos from the 24th to the 26th August 2019 for a three-day musical feast, a sail-off across known and less-known jazz music. Tania Giannouli’s trio promises their audience a “dream of eternity” at the verge of East and the West (24/8), Aegean Jazz band led by Vassilis Rakopoulos will blend Aegean music with Jazz (25/8), Pibloctoq will be unveiling the skills of three brilliant young creators and Brothers From Another Mother led by drummer Spyros Panayiotopoulos will take us through a journey covering 1950’s jazz to today’s contemporary jazz (26/8).


11th Jazz on Tinos

Cultural Foundation of Tinos

24, 25 & 26/8/ 2019

Starting at 9:30 pm every night  

Free Entrance 

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